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Image: Nintendo Life

The Switch remake of Super Mario RPG introduces lots of new little quality-of-life features that weren't present in the Super NES version of the game.

Storage is maybe one of the best new additions, allowing you to carry more items that your pockets can reasonably handle.

In this guide, we'll be telling you what you can use your storage for, as well as where to find your storage.

Super Mario RPG: Storage Guide

What is storage in Super Mario RPG?

Storage is a new feature in the Switch remake of Super Mario RPG, and it's where all of your excess items are stored.

Basically, you can only carry a certain number of items in your pockets in Super Mario RPG — so you can only have 10 Mushrooms and 10 Flower Syrups, for example. If you pick up another one in battle while you're capped, then it will be sent to your storage.

How many items can my storage hold?

While your pockets may have limits, it seems like your storage is a never-ending black hole that can store as many items as you need.

That's to say, we've had up to 15 of a single item in storage. We've never had any more than that, however, so we assume that the item cap is 15.

Where can I find my storage?

Super Mario RPG: Where To Find Your Storage 4
Image: Nintendo Life

Your storage is located at Mario's Pad - which makes sense, really! Just head on home using fast travel (or by walking there on the map) — it's the first location on the map.

Then, once there, head inside your house and you'll spot a box in the bottom-left corner. That's your storage box. And you can grab as many items as you want out of it. Pressing the 'X' button lets you automatically fill up your inventory until every item is capped.

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