Super Mario Bros. Wonder: World 2 - Search Party Puzzling Park 1
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

Hello, and welcome to our Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough guides!

Here we'll be guiding you through every level in the game and showing you where to find All Flower Coins, All Wonder Flowers, and All Wonder Seeds. We'll also be providing All Special World Warp Points, All Captain Toad locations (you can't hide from us Captain Toad!), and All Badge Locations. Ready?


Super Mario Bros. Wonder: World 2 - Search Party Puzzling Park

In the Search Party levels, of which there are a total of four, you'll need to find five Wonder Tokens that are hidden around a stage. Collect them all and you get yourself a nice shiny Wonder Seed. Let's take a look at where they are all hiding.

All Wonder Token Locations

Wonder Token #1

This first one is in the main area as we start, just jump up and down to find lots of hidden blocks that lead to its location.

Wonder Token #2

Head up the yellow pipe in the centre of the stage to nab this one from the background.

Wonder Token #3

Down on the lower level of the stage, push the pipe shown below into position then jump up to find this very sneaky token.

Wonder Token #4

Now head over to the right of the lower section and drop down the chasm. Don't worry, you won't die, you'll just find the next token!

Wonder Token #5

The final token, this one requires you to head to the location we've shown below to reveal a secret vine block. Once you've activated it, climb up to claim your prize!

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