How to get Shell Bell in Scarlet and Violet
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How to get the Shell Bell in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is something you want to figure out as early as you can in your Paldean adventure. Whether you’re interested in competitive play or not, the Shell Bell is one of Pokémon’s most useful hold items if you prefer an offense-heavy approach to battling.

This guide explains how to get the Shell Bell and what to do with it.

How to get Shell Bell in Scarlet and Violet

The Shell Bell comes from a few places. The fastest – and cheapest – way to get it is to travel to South Province Area Three, east of Mesagoza, and defeat six trainers there. Speak to the Pokémon League representative at the Pokémon Center there, and they’ll reward you with a Shell Bell.

You can also purchase a Shell Bell from Delibird Presents in Levincia, and only in Levincia. However, it costs 20,000 Poké Dollars, so it’s not the wisest purchase early in the game, especially since you can get one for free. If you need more than one, make sure to grab the Amulet Coin early to help rake in some extra cash from your battles.

Where to buy Shell Bell
Image: Nintendo Life

Otherwise, put your money to better use elsewhere, such as buying evolution stones or bottle caps.

What is the Shell Bell for in Pokémon?

The Shell Bell is a hold item that restores a small amount of HP to the user based on how much damage they dealt that turn. Competitive players often prefer to use Leftovers instead, though, since Leftovers restores HP based on the Pokémon’s max HP instead of how much damage they deal.

If your Pokémon is one of the Paldea Pokédex's heavy-hitters who doesn’t rely on status moves and setups to deal damage, Shell Bell is an excellent choice. If not, or if they tend to deal small amounts of damage over time, consider passing this on to a different Pokémon.

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