Where to get Amulet Coin in Scarlet and Violet
Image: Nintendo Life

The Amulet Coin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is your ticket to riches, or at least a moderately healthy wallet. Like in previous Pokemon games, the Amulet Coin doubles the prize money you earn from battles, including high-stakes battles such as those against Gym leaders. If you find yourself short on cash, this is the hold item for you.

This guide explains where to find the Amulet Coin and what you need to do to get it.

How to get the Amulet Coin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Amulet Coin comes from one of the Pokemon League representatives, the men in suits you sometimes find stationed outside of Pokemon Centers. The specific one you want is at the Pokemon Center outside Medali, the town in West Province Area Three.

You’ll need Koraidon’s or Miraidon’s swim ability to fully explore the area, so make sure to complete the second Titan battle before heading out. That battle pits you against Bombirdier, and you can complete it roughly around the time of your third Gym battle.

Amulet Coin location
Image: Nintendo Life

Stop by the Pokemon Center and speak with the man in the suit. Like Paldea’s other League reps, he says you need to defeat at least five other trainers nearby before he’s willing to give you the Amulet Coin.

Lucky for you, there are about a dozen trainers in Area Three, some dotted about the hill south of the Pokemon Center and many more on the road north, leading to the mountain. Their Pokemon’s levels range from the upper 20s to the mid-30s, so make sure your team is somewhere around there.

The types you face are fairly varied and include Dragon, Water, Dark, Flying, and Electric. Try and assemble a team that has advantages over these or at least one that doesn’t include multiple weaknesses. Fairy, Fighting, and Grass are some strong choices.

With at least five battles under your belt, head back to the Medali Pokemon Center, and speak with the League rep. He’ll hand over your shiny new Amulet Coin. Make sure to give it to one of your active Pokemon as their hold item, as the Coin only doubles your prize money if one of your party Pokemon is holding it.

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