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Mario Golf: Super Rush is out now, and its most notable mode is Golf Adventure, a single player experience that introduces you to a variety of techniques, characters and courses. In this mode you play as your preferred Mii, and the progress for your character then transitions across into any other mode where you choose to use them.

Every challenge you clear in Golf Adventure, or even if you fail and need to try again, earns you XP. Every level increase gives you one upgrade point - a pretty standard system. Below we walk you through each category and why they matter, before giving a summary of our suggested strategies for developing a fantastic golfing all-rounder that'll serve you well in the game's other modes, including online multiplayer.

[Note: If you want your Mii to be left handed go to Options on the main screen, half way down change 'Handedness' to Left-Handed]

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Mii Attributes

Power - Go for the Driver

The Golf Adventure Mii customisation pretty much puts the categories in order of importance, we reckon. Power is all about how far you can hit the ball, especially with your Driver. Early on you'll notice that you can struggle to reach the green in 2 shots, even on a par 4 hole. Basically, on most holes - apart from par 3s - you'll want to be able to get good distance on the first stroke. Power is key for this, so it should be an early priority - with greater power you'll have more options at your disposal for conquering tricky sections.

Stamina - Get that cardio work done

This isn't a category that would normally matter much in golf, but Super Rush puts a major emphasis in most modes on dashing for your ball after each shot. Your stamina bar dictates how far you can dash before you either need to slow down or try to pick up a 'heart' on the course. Especially with the long game in mind, such as taking your Mii into online play, you'll want to boost that stamina.

Speed - Gotta dash

As you've probably figured out, this ties directly into the stamina category, but in this case determines how quickly you can dash. Though most experienced players will get by fine in the Adventure with modest speed settings, for online play or indeed Battle Golf a little bit of extra speed can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Control - Keep it on the fairway

This category is an important one, especially on later courses where the margin for error is smaller. With each shot there's a 'safe zone' and an area at higher power where the randomly assigned 'shift' can affect your accuracy. This 'risk zone' varies depending on your ball location, angle and club selection, but the higher your character's control the lower risk of random 'shift' that'll throw your shot off target. It's definitely an area to watch if you want to base your game around accuracy.

Spin - me right round

We'd suggest this is certainly the least important of the categories, but if you level up your Mii a great deal through the Adventure - which is likely - then you'll certainly want to give this category some attention, once other areas are on track. The key variations of spin that you apply are backspin and topspin; the former will reduce your ball's 'carry' after landing, ideal if you want your shot to lose momentum quickly when it lands. Topspin is the opposite, which allows you to get extra distance as the ball skips on further.

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Upgrading and balancing your Mii

A full playthrough of the Golf Adventure should allow you plenty of upgrade levels, and even failed attempts of challenges will reward you with XP. In terms of priorities, based on the typical make-up of Adventure challenges we'd prioritise upgrades as follows - however, be sure to steadily progress each area.

  1. Power
  2. Control
  3. Stamina
  4. Speed
  5. Spin

Early in the campaign, and even after some later sections with big XP rewards, you'll earn multiple levels at once, each with a reward point. Initially you can upgrade areas with no impact on others, but you'll then see instances where boosting one category by 2 points, for example, will drop another by 1. So for example you may boost stamina by 2 points, but lose 1 point on Spin. In total, each category has a specific number of levels.

  • Power - 10 upgrade slots
  • Control - 10 upgrade slots
  • Stamina - 15 upgrade slots
  • Speed - 10 upgrade slots
  • Spin - 10 upgrade slots

Our initial recommended focus is certainly power, to ensure that you can reach par 4 greens in two shots more easily, and perhaps even some par 5 holes in extra-quick time. A key point is that you can review and experiment in choosing upgrades before committing to changes. So, when you have multiple upgrade points, experiment to get the most out of them. It may be possible to upgrade multiple paths without any penalties, and when this occurs always take that option.

Ultimately, though, don't worry if you can't avoid seeing a dreaded 'red' slot in one category when applying an update elsewhere; typically the upgraded area will be boosted by 2 slots, so it's a balancing act as you gradually bring each category up to the higher reaches. Though we've suggested areas to prioritise to help with initial progress, as you can see below by the end you should have an all-rounder that is very well equipped in comparison to the Mushroom Kingdom roster.

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That's our guide for getting the most out of your Mii in Mario Golf: Super Rush! Let us know below how you get on on the fairway.

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