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Livre Ex Machina


Once you’ve entered Livre Ex Machina, head down a few floors until you reach a bookcase. You don’t need to inspect this one — it simply reminds you that Miriam can use her magic to move things.

Use Miriam’s magic to move the bookshelf before you and head left. Feel free to attempt to climb upwards in this next area, but you won’t be able to. Instead, continue left into another room. Kill the Rul’sha if you can — if you wait too long, she’ll use some sort of magic on you that will prevent you from attacking her.

After that, drop down to the floor below and you should see a bookcase that you can move with a green chest nearby. Move the bookcase to the right so it’s up against the slant next to it. Hop on top of this bookcase and slide to get to the green chest. Inside are Cookies.


Head back up from where you came. You can try to climb up but you won’t be able to reach it with a high jump. For now, head back into the room with the Poltergeists. You should notice that parts of the bookshelves are glowing blue. That lets you know that they can be manipulated with Miriam’s magic. Manipulate the shelves so that they are configured like in the picture below to get to the next area.


In the next area, run to the left, clear the gap and continue into the next room. In here, ignore the bookcase and run to the left to discover a hidden wall. In the room that the hidden wall leads to, you’ll find a green chest with the Crow Mask inside.

Return to the room before the hidden room and push the bookcase right so that you can climb up. Continue climbing until you see an exit in the top right. Head through it, kill the Poltergeists and the Carriage Morte in the corridor and attack the wall on the right to get a HP Max Up.

After grabbing that, use the nearby platforms to climb up into the next room. Immediately take the right exit. From here, jump up onto the floor above, slide and then push the bookcase onto the plate on the ground to unlock a shortcut that can easily get you to the last Save Room we discovered.

If you save, head back to the room where we discovered the shortcut. Go right and you should see a magical bookcase that Miriam can use her magic to move. Move it to the left and take out the demons before you. Climb on top of the second bookcase when you can and point Miriam’s magic down at it to move it to the left.


Head left into the next room, kill the Rul’sha and open the brown chest to get a Waystone. Continue left through the exit, climb up and go through the upper exit. Here, head left to enter a room with a stained glass portal in it.


Exit this room, head right and drop to the floor below. This time, take the exit in the middle of this room and on the left. In here, you’ll meet Orlok Dracule, the librarian of the library you’ve been slaying demons in. Here, you can pick up books that will increase some of your stats, but you can only pick one up at a time so choose wisely.


Exit his room to the right, drop to the floor and go left. Follow the stairs down into another room and in here, go right to find a Save Room. Just before this Save Room is a bookcase you can inspect for some backstory. After saving, we’ll go left to fight another boss.

This is what your map should look like at the end of the Livre Ex Machina.


Boss Fight: Andrealphus


Andrealphus, like Craftwork, is a relatively-easy boss. It moves at an average speed and doesn’t really throw any single move that’s too hard hitting.

It mostly relies on a dash-like move that’s paired with a quick attack and a ranged attack that will see it attempt to land multiple arrow-like hits on you. What he does is trivial, though, because with Welcome Company equipped and a fast weapon, Andrealphus will go down in no time.

As we did with Craftwork, use Welcome Company by pressing X and rush the boss. Attack Andrealphus as often as you can and keep Welcome Company up at all times. In 20-30 seconds, this boss should go down and you’ll unlock what might be the best shard in the game: the Double Jump.

With your new ability, hop up and to the right to open a green chest with a Feather Crown inside. With that complete, it’s time to head back to the Garden of Silence so that we can use our new Double Jump to gain access to a new area.

Forbidden Underground Waterway


Head to the stained glass portal we found earlier in Livre Ex Machina and use it to teleport to the Garden of Silence stained glass portal. Head to the area in the picture above: you’re on the lookout for a well that you can drop down.

Drop down this well, go right and you’ll enter the Forbidden Underground Waterway.


Immediately jump to the right and attack the wall to get an MP Max Up. Head down until you see a room you can enter on the left. Head inside for a green chest with Elemental Ammo. After picking that up, return from where you came. Continue down and jump through the floor to find another Skill Shard: Shortcut unlock and an HP Max Up.

Head back up the main middle area and go through the exit on the bottom right to find a Save Room. Make sure to inspect the bookcase in front of the Save Room to learn the Crimson Blizzard technique.

After saving, head back to the main middle area and take the bottom left exit. In here, you’ll encounter two new enemies: the Shovel Armor and the Decarabia demons. Continue through here until you get to a waterfall. Use Double Jump to jump across the gap and pick up a Curry recipe further to the left. After that, return to the waterfall, jump down and stick to the right to land on a ledge that has an MP Max Up on it. From here, drop to the floor, go right and attack the wall to find a secret room with a green chest that contains a Critical Ring inside.

Return to the waterfall and this time, go through the left exit. Kill the Decarabia and continue left to enter an area with water in it. Take the exit above you.

In here, kill the Shovel Armor on the right and attack the wall beside it to get another MP Max Up. Inspect the bookcase to learn the Santetsuzan technique and then go left to find a Save Room.


After saving, leave the Save Room and head up. Take the exit in the right corner and proceed forward, taking out any enemies in your way. Eventually, you’ll reach a green chest with a Steel Equipment recipe inside.

Return to the room on the left and exit it from above. Head forward and proceed left until you reach an open cave. Proceed up using the platforms above you and go through the right exit to find a green chest with the Traverser’s Ring inside.

Exit this room and head for the upper right corner. Walk through this doorway, progress forward, kill the Shovel Armors and pick up the HP Max Up. After this, head back to the open cave before this room and proceed through the door in the upper left corner. In here, attack the right side wall to get the Voice Changer. Continue left into the next area, follow the path up with pulleys galore and open the door to reveal a shortcut between the Entrance and the Forbidden Underground Waterway.


You’ll also get another HP Max Up here. After this, we’ll be returning to the Towers of Twin Dragons.

This is what your map should look like at the end of the Forbidden Underground Waterway.

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