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Glacial Tomb

Boss Fight: Gremory

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Gremory is an extremely fun boss fight in Bloodstained and that’s because it’s a test of skill using many of the abilities you’ve learned in the game. Let’s talk about her moves.

So, right off the bat, Gremory will likely summon some red hands from the ground. Simply hop over them and Invert in mid air. They’ll climb around the arena and make their way toward you on the ceiling. Invert once more.

You should have Welcome Company equipped at all times. During any and all of her moves, maintain a close distance to ensure Welcome Company is chipping away at Gremory’s health. You should also be slashing at her at any chance you can.

Another move to watch for is mitigated with Welcome Company. She’ll launch half-moons out of her head that will hone in on you. Fortunately, the portraits of Welcome Company will destroy these before they can hit. Every so often, though, the half-moons will be red — dodge those as the portraits can’t destroy them.

After you damage her enough, phase two will begin. You’ll know it’s phase two because the camera will zoom in on her as she says something. In this phase, she uses the same moves with a new one: a massive two-sided laser beam. To dodge this beam, use a combination of jumping, Invert and sliding under her to remain untouched.

Eventually, Gremory will go down and you’ll earn the Dimension Shift Shard, which allows you to teleport a short range. It’s a useful shard if you’re someone attempting to get every item in the game as some items are unobtainable without this shard.


With Gremory deferated, it’s time to take on the final two bosses of the game. These two bosses are difficult and back-to-back, which means you’ll have no time to save or purchase new items in between. As such, take this time after having defeated Gremory to return to Arvantville to purchase some healing items and more.

Glacial Tomb

After gathering the supplies you need, teleport back to the Glacial Tomb. Exit that room and head for the upper left exit. Traverse left two screens and you’ll be in a room with three exits on the left.

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In the upper left exit are some demons and a green chest with the Warhorse Key inside. In the middle left exit are four demons and a blue chest with ingredients inside. To progress through the Glacial Tomb, go through the bottom left exit. Continue left and use Dimension Shift to get you through the passage.

In the next room, go down through the floor. In the following room, head for the bottom right where you’ll find one last Save Room before the game’s final two bosses.


When you’re ready to progress, exit the save room and go through the boss door on the left.

Boss Fight: Dominique

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Dominique is the first of two bosses in a row you’ll have to fight and she’s extremely difficult to beat. In fact, she and the following boss are the toughest bosses in the game.

Dominique will rely on a few extremely fast-paced moves to whittle down your health so prepare to die a lot as you learn the way these moves work. The first move to worry about is the one that will likely hit you the most. Quite often, Dominique will attempt to whip you with her hair. Jump over these attacks or duck under them.

When she’s not whipping you, she’ll likely be conjuring some demon or throwing magical projectiles at you. When she raises her hand into the air, you’ll see purple circles on the ground. Avoid these circles as in a few moments, they’ll erupt with flames.

If she pulls her hand down, she’s likely going to use an ice shard attack that will see massive ice shards fall from the ceiling. Sidestep these to avoid them.

Another move to watch out for is her purple elbow. She’ll dash forward with her elbow (which is lit purple) out and if it hits you, it will inflict a lot of damage and send you flying across the arena.

The final two moves to watch out for often happen back-to-back. She’ll conjure a yellow seal above her and in a few seconds, a two-sided laser will appear. You can’t dodge or jump over this — instead, run for a corner and duck until the move is over. Shortly after that, she’ll likely summon a dragon to stomp on you (sometimes this dragon comes after other moves).

Do your best to defeat her without losing too much health or using many consumables because immediately after taking her down, she’ll summon a three-headed demon of sorts that she’ll ride atop. That’s Bael and it’s the final boss fight of the game.

Boss Fight: Bael

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Bael isn’t all that hard — it’s just the predicament that you fight it in that makes this boss fight difficult. Because Bael is right after arguably the hardest boss in the game, you’re probably going to struggle a bit. That’s okay, though, because his moves are easy to dodge.

The first move to look out for is a green energy ball of sorts. It warps and expands while attempting to hit you. Just do what you must to stay clear of its course. The next move to watch out for is a simple fireball projectile move. The more humanoid head will launch a handful of fireballs your way. Simply jump away from them to avoid taking damage.

Another move to look out for will have you keeping an eye on the ground. Every so often, the ground, or rather, Bael’s body, will fill up with lava. Jump onto the pink moving seal to avoid taking damage from the lava waves.

When the camera zooms in on Dominique atop the cat demon head, she’ll say, “you leave me no choice.” After this, immediately double jump and the cat head will launch a massive beam out of its mouth that your double jump should have you clear of.

As you damage each of Bael’s heads while they spin around you, they’ll grow stunned from time to time.

Eventually, after enough damage, Bael will stop rotating and the cat will launch purple seals at you. Don’t let these hit you. At the same time, the lizard will be projecting bubbles at you while the demon occasionally launches its spiky tongue at you.

Stay clear of these attacks, use potions and food as you have to and eventually, Bael will go down.

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With that done, you’ll return to the Glacial Tomb where the rest of the game will play out. Feel free to relax at this point because the rest of the game is conversations and cutscenes that present the true ending of the game.