18. The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS)

The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS)The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Beenox
Release Date: 26th Jun 2012 (USA) / 29th Jun 2012 (UK/EU)

Not to be confused with The Amazing Spider-Man or The Amazing Spider-Man, the 3DS Amazing Spider-Man marks the return of free-roaming web-slinging gameplay plus an extra dimension, so it feels like Spider-Man (the amazing one) is actually about to shoot webs at your face. With the addition of strategic choices in combat and navigation, The Amazing Spider-Man attempted to elevate Spidey to new heights. Did it work? Ehhhh, not really.

17. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (DS)

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (DS)Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (DS)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Griptonite Games
Release Date: 7th Sep 2010 (USA) / 10th Sep 2010 (UK/EU)

Spiders? Men? Multiple dimensions? This isn't the pitch for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; it's the 2010 DS game, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, in which you play as four different Spider-Mans (Spiders-Men?) from four separate universe. The game was written by actual Spider-Man-writer Dan Slott, and starred Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker.

HOWEVER. This game did inspire the multi-verse, as it influenced the 2014 comic "Spider-Verse" (also written by Dan Slott), which in turn inspired Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

16. Spider-Man 3 (Wii)

Spider-Man 3 (Wii)Spider-Man 3 (Wii)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Vicarious Visions
Release Date: 4th May 2007 (USA) / 4th May 2007 (UK/EU)

Made as a tie-in for the film of the same name (which features the origin of Sandman, Venom, and Harry Osborn's Green Goblin), Spider-Man 3 on Wii was all about motion controls (of course). Spider-Man has a new black suit, which contains a symbiote that makes Peter Parker stronger, but will eventually kill him if he wears it too long.

However, the game was criticised for being a bit of a visual downgrade compared to the previous game, Spider-Man 2, from three years prior.

15. Spider-Man 2 (GBA)

Spider-Man 2 (GBA)Spider-Man 2 (GBA)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Digital Eclipse
Release Date: 28th Jun 2004 (USA) / 9th Jul 2004 (UK/EU)

Based on the film of the same name — the one starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as the protagonists, and featuring Doc Ock as the villain — Spider-Man 2 was one of those tie-ins where the console developers and handheld developers were different teams, resulting in very different games. Treyarch handled the console version, while the Game Boy Advance (and N-Gage!) versions were made by Digital Eclipse, who had also made the Game Boy tie-ins for Batman, X-Men, and Spyro.

The GameCube/PS2/Xbox version was widely lauded for its open-world innovation, which IGN called "Grand Theft Spider-Man". The GBA version was a bit of an also-ran, and despite selling pretty well, it goes down in history as a relatively forgettable Spider-Man game.

14. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Wii U)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Wii U)The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Wii U)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Beenox
Release Date: 29th Apr 2014 (USA) / 2nd May 2014 (UK/EU)

Uncle Ben is dead, and Spider-Man is still trying to catch his killer in this movie tie-in game for Wii U. It is, as out own review puts it, a "reboot of a reboot of a reboot"; but with developers Beenox trying to tie the events of the first game with the events of the movie and into the events of this game, it ends up being quite a bit of a mess.

13. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (DS)

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (DS)Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (DS)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Griptonite Games
Release Date: 21st Oct 2008 (USA) / 24th Oct 2008 (UK/EU)

Web Of Shadows is a darker take on the well-trodden path of Spider-Man's various capers, with the hero being infected by the symbiotes early into the story. The ending of the game depends on whether you choose to help out the superhero Nightcrawler or the villain Green Goblin: The former saves Manhattan from the symbiotes, and the latter has Spider-Man ruling over Manhattan as the leader of the symbiote-infected city.

12. Ultimate Spider-Man (GBA)

Ultimate Spider-Man (GBA)Ultimate Spider-Man (GBA)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Vicarious Visions
Release Date: 19th Sep 2005 (USA) / 14th Oct 2005 (UK/EU)

Ultimate Spider-Man came out nearly simultaneously on both Game Boy Advance and DS, awkwardly straddling the two handheld generations with a side-scroller beat-'em-up that was 2D on GBA, and had 3D environments on DS. The Game Boy Advance version is, as a result, considered inferior to its polished-up older brother, which in turn pales in comparison to Ultimate Spider-Man on console.

11. Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Wii)

Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Wii)Spider-Man: Edge of Time (Wii)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Beenox
Release Date: 11th Oct 2011 (USA) / 14th Oct 2011 (UK/EU)

As both Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 — a different flavour of the web-slinging hero who's from the future — players of this third-person 3DS and Wii-based Spider-Man action-adventure game will be expected to save people in two different time periods. Players who loved Beenox's Shattered Dimensions will also be happy to hear that this is the second Spider-game by the studio.

10. Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety (SNES)

Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety (SNES)Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety (SNES)
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment / Developer: Software Creations
Release Date: Nov 1995 (USA) / 1995 (UK/EU)

Although the title makes us think of whiny puppies, Separation Anxiety is actually loosely based on a 1994 run of comics that feature the story of Eddie "Venom" Brock trying to get his symbiote costume back. Sadly, no one seemed to like it, with low scores for the SNES version (and even lower scores for the SEGA Genesis version) citing repetition, unoriginality, and monotony. Perhaps we'd prefer the whiny puppies.

9. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Wii)

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Wii)Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Wii)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Treyarch
Release Date: 21st Oct 2008 (USA) / 24th Oct 2008 (UK/EU)

Unlike its DS counterpart, the Wii version of Web of Shadows matches the other console versions more closely: As Spider-Man, you can web-swing your way around the city in a free-roaming mode, switch to the black symbiote suit at any time, and even make choices that affect Spider-Man's morality. Make Spider-Man evil, and citizens will cower when he approaches. Cool!