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  • US 12th Oct 2009, 500 points
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  • Review Gravitronix (WiiWare)

    One of the first titles announced for WiiWare finally sees the light of day.

    Among the very first games announced for WiiWare, we might have expected to review Gravitronix around two years ago. But, as they say, life gets in the way. Plans change, things don't work out the way we expect them to, and release dates slip further and further away. It...

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Gravitronix Screenshot
Gravitronix Screenshot
Gravitronix Screenshot
Gravitronix Screenshot
Gravitronix Screenshot
Gravitronix Screenshot

Gravitronix News

  • News Medaverse Announce $1,000 Gravitronix Tournament

    Beat the devs at their own game

    Remember Gravitronix? Of course you do. It was that game that was announced waaaaaay back in the mists of time - in fact it was one of the first WiiWare games to be confirmed. Its development was an especially long and protracted one, and sadly when the game finally became available last year, it hardly set the world...

  • Nintendo Download Pinballs, Fights and Gravity (US)

    One for each service, again

    With two games already previously announced, this week's new releases aren't very surprising, although many will no doubt be disappointed that a certain major WiiWare title Europe got last Friday is not part of the lineup. Final Fight 2 is arguably today's biggest new game, as it's really the only one we know a lot about...

  • News Gravitronix Hits WiiWare October 12th

    Hopefully this release date will stick this time.

    Well you might remember that last week Medaverse Studios announced that there would be a slight delay with the release of their upcoming WiiWare title Gravitronix due to some paperwork snafu. Well they've just informed us that the game has a new release date and will be available on the North...

  • News Gravitronix Release Date Slips

    Developer expecting an up to two-week delay.

    All dressed up for its long-awaited arrival on the WiiWare service, Medaverse Studios' action battler Gravitronix looks like it won't be hitting its predicted October 5th release in North America. Jesse Lowther, the game's lead designer, told Nintendo Life that a minor clerical error has caused the game's...

  • Interviews Gravitronix - Medaverse Studios

    Medaverse Studios talks about their upcoming WiiWare release.

    While Gravitronix has been in development for the better part of two years, the game is finally about to hit the WiiWare service in North American on Monday, October 5th. You might remember that we did an interview with Medaverse Studios way back in February 2008, but that was over a year...

  • News Gravitronix Coming to North America on October 5th

    The long-awaited WiiWare title is finally about to see a release.

    Medaverse Studios has just announced that their long-awaited WiiWare title Gravitronix will be released onto the North American WiiWare service on October 5th for 500 Wii Points. To celebrate, they've released a brand new batch of screenshots of the game in action, along with a new...

  • News Gravitronix Gameplay Trailer Released

    Check out the long-awaited WiiWare title in action.

    You might remember that Gravitronix was one of the first WiiWare games announced all the way back in October of 2007. We even conducted an interview with Medaverse a few months later regarding the game. Well we've got good news. (Of course any news after almost two years is good) Medaverse has...

  • News Fresh Details About Gravitronix

    Cast your minds way back to the early days of WiiWare. A few developers spilled the beans about the games they were working on. One of those developers who were around at the very beginning were Medaverse with their innovative action/battle game Gravitronix. Heck we first posted about it back in October 2007!

    Since then we’ve done an interview...

  • News Gravitronix - Still Alive And Kicking!

    Since our interview with Jesse Lowther, lead designer and CEO of Medaverse Studios way back in February this year, you would be forgiven for thinking that Gravitronix is never going to come out. After all, normally by now we’d expect to see some screenshots or PR hype.

    Worry not readers, Medaverse just had their Alpha Night and it seems all is...

  • News Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV

    Way back in February we did an interview with Medaverse Studios about their upcoming WiiWare game Gravitronix. Since then it’s all been a bit quiet from them on the news front, with little new news about the game.

    That’s not to say the guys at Medaverse haven’t been busy. Recently they appeared on CNBC’s ‘The Business of Innovation’ TV...

About The Game

It's time to claim your rightful place as the champion of the Gravitronix arena, but get ready to deal with up to seven other players who are all shooting for the same title.

Vanquish your opponents with four different projectiles and the powerful beams of your gravity platform. Intercept attacks and take careful aim at exposed vulnerabilities. Deflect incoming projectiles or capture and charge them with energy for devastating explosive attacks. Team up with a friend and battle through campaign mode, or recruit up to eight players on a single Wii™ system in versus mode for an all-out battle. Customize your matches with a variety of different options, such as flooding the arena with projectiles or making the game insanely fast. No matter how you like to play, grab your friends and have a blast.