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  • News Wii To Utilize IGN/Gamespy Online Technology

    Nintendo have today announced that the Wii will use the same technology as the Nintendo DS for online play.

    "This partnership will expand our wireless community of players on Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection," says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "Millions of Nintendo DS users have already logged on using GameSpy's...

  • News Pokemon To Become First Wii Online Title

    Nintendo have today announced that Pokemon Battle Revolution will be the first online game for the companies latest console, Wii.

    Whilst everyone is enjoying the GDC we've learnt that Nintendo plans to release Pokemon Battle Revolution in the US this coming June. It's also the first title to link to DS and use the DS as a controller. "Wii™...


  • News First Pokemon Battle Revolution Video

    Iwata explains how Pokemon will extend connectivity between the handheld DS and Wii console.

    GoNintendo.com have found a copy of the Pokemon Battle Revolution trailer with English narration by Satoru Iwata. He explains how Nintendo expect to expand DS play with Wii. Apparently you will be able to connect with your copy of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl on...

  • News More On Pokemon Wii

    A video has emerged of the Pokemon Wii game in action.

    From what we can make out from the video over at IGN it seems that Pokemon will be following the same traditional format as always. On close inspection you will also be able to notice that the scenery gets damaged in the battles, whether or not this damage will remain after attacks is unknown...

  • News Pokemon Wii Named

    Nintendo announce the Pokemon future for Wii, Pokemon Battle Revolution is the answer.

    Back in Japan, Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has today announced the first Pokemon title for Nintendo Wii, the game was revealed during a press conference today. Attendees were treated to a single screenshot of the game, and a snippet of information. Pokemon Battle...