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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 6th May 2021, $6.99
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About The Game

The rain outside the window never stops, and the unlucky college novelist, Bu Shu, is writing a love letter he dares not to send. It is this rainy season that makes him feel down, he meets again with the girl holding a white fox. "Your writing is in a bottleneck and you will addict to online gaming, you may even cut off relationship with your parents — What I see in your future is not good. I need to see you make a difference before I can leave. " The mysterious girl with ability to foresee the future — Bu Heng, who has been calling herself the older sister of Bu Shu, now lives in his house. Deadline of the next novel is coming. Bu Shu has to deal with his editor's daughter, best friend and reader, Mu Mian, while trying to get along with Bu Heng, who never replied his one-sided love. And he suddenly finds out Bu Heng’s fox transforms into a human girl. --This summer, when he meets with the "Youkai", is not destined to be spent quietly. This is a single-line visual novel with modern fantasy theme, with full voice, many original music and CG, bringing you a story like a cool breeze on summer night. It is a story about joy and healing, a story about growing up.