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1 (Single Player) (6 Player Online)
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  • US 23rd May 2024, Free
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About The Game

"The game that a grown man can play like a three year old." Even if you get angry or cry, someone will surely comfort

Don't tell anyone at work, but no matter how old I get, I can't give up my stuffed animals.
"I'm tired of competitive games that are all about winning. "

"I just want to get along. I want to play games like building blocks."

This is a microcosm of the super relaxed baby talk for those of you who can't grow up enough to be an adult. That is Elfin Clay.
We want to heal the many "adults who are tired of being adults. ...... The "toddler regression toy game" developed with this in mind has been further powered up!!!!
And it's now free to play!

New features to connect more and spread kindness!
New features include "hand-holding action" and other "friendship actions"!
A secret base just for you! My Room!
Show off your collected Treasures! The more you are kind to others, the more you earn!
Kindness Coins, which accumulate the more you are kind to others.
The more you are kind, the more you earn "Kindness Coins" and more!

"Elfin Clay 2" is a game in which you and Elfin Clay a cute fairy made of magic clay, collect treasures, or junk, and headgear.

Collect treasures and coins through battles!
There are many items called treasures such as crayons and blocks scattered around the stage.
Cooperate with your teammates and try to steal as many items as possible within the time limit.
You will be rewarded with the items you steal, and you will also receive Gold depending on the number of items you steal!
In addition, if you act kindly during the battle, you will receive special "Kindness Coins"....

Use the coins you collect to draw !
You can use Golds and Kindness Coins to pull gachas in My Room.
You can sometimes get special items that you can't get in battles, such as special items and headgears.
Show off your rare treasures to your friends when you get them!

Collect treasures from the treasure box in your room!
The treasure box in your room contain the treasure you stole or got from the gacha.
You can take them out and play with them, or register them as favorites and bring them into battle.

Let's try using the Trade Slot!
You can use the trade slot in your room to trade your hat and valuables for coins and talismans.
You can even put an insanely high price on them and show them off!

Be nice to them and they will be nice to you!
Elfin Clays are very emotional and sometimes cry or get angry during playtime.
In such cases, you can soothe them by gently comfort them.

Finally, I would like to share something important with you.
The "Elfin Clay2" is a very popular game! Elfin Clay 2" is

This game is NOT a serious competitive action game.
This game is NOT intended to compete for wins or losses and to assign superiority to players.
This is a gentle game for adults to play like 3-year-olds, enjoying the cuteness and sense of forgiveness.