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Olivier De Rop


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Single Player
Adventure, Other, Puzzle
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  • US 25th Mar 2022, $12.99
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About The Game

NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT A CAUSE…The great loss raises questions - why are we here when everything is coming to an inevitable end? Our little robot protagonist called Nymo has just lost his father and he asks himself these questions. As a pilgrim, you will lead his journey, which is supposed to bring you closer to the meaning of being but also seek out and take revenge on the killer of your guardian. POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD OF ROBOTSIn Ultreïa you will have the opportunity to visit a unique world full of robots. Hundreds of different robots live on the surface, which resembles visions from post-apocalyptic stories - gathering, among others, in the town of Mount St-Troy. However, beneath the earth, there are creatures that exist in the darkness and are permeated by it. On your journey, you will explore the planet's surfaces, underground and much more!CLASSIC ADVENTURE WITH A GRIM AND GLOOMY AMBIENCEEverything you love about point 'n click games - collecting items and lots of interaction with them, solving challenging and unusual puzzles, talking to NPCs with lots of dialogue and an engaging story. All this is set in a dark world, emphasized by a specific graphic style and a beautiful original soundtrack by Yann Latour.Key Features:- Inspired by the atmosphere of classic adventure games - Engaging story, full of philosophy and the search for meaning-50 locations, 20 non-playable characters and over 1000 lines of dialogue- Exciting and challenging brain-teasers to solve- Dark and gloomy visuals and sound design with an original soundtrack by Yann Latour