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  • US 9th Mar 2018, $19.99
  • US 9th Mar 2018, $17.99
  • EU 9th Mar 2018, £8.10


  • Review TurtlePop: Journey To Freedom (Switch eShop)

    Heroes in a half-shell

    Developed by ex-Melbourne House veterans, the Switch exclusive TurtlePop: Journey To Freedom appears, at first glance, to be a kid-friendly platformer featuring cute turtle heroes not of the ninja variety. However, it doesn’t take long into this rather extensive journey to figure out there is more to this title than...

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TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom Screenshot
TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom Screenshot
TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom Screenshot
TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom Screenshot
TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom Screenshot

TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom News

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About The Game

TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom is a platform puzzle game that introduces Bebo, Deephi, Slimmie, Smarts, Willis and Sparky the Turtle. Master new gameplay with multi-character control and turtle-linking, environment manipulation, item deployment and match-3 mechanics that make challenges even more fresh, intense and fun!

They are aided by The Genie, who is an airborne support turtle that you can use to manipulate the game world and enhance the abilities of the turtles!

In Campaign mode, free the turtles from a menagerie of over 100 stages across seven game worlds in single or two-player co-op modes.

Along your journey, hunt for Sun-Coins, Moon-Pearls, secret treasure and hidden turtles. Earn Treasure Chests to discover and level-up over 15 types of Building Cards and more than 40 special items to enhance your powers and abilities!

Battle and play with friends in local multiplayer with 1-4 players* in versus or co-op modes. Arena Battle Crown Thief and Arena Battle Lick’em Up modes pit players against one another in a classic Arena Battle tournament format where the aim is to wear the crown the longest or lick, colour and free the most turtles to achieve victory. In Turtle Clash mode, battle your friends in split screen on over 75 stages that can be unlocked in Campaign mode.

TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom is exclusive and optimised for Nintendo Switch running at native 1080p 60 when docked and native 720p 60 in tabletop or handheld mode.