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  • US 21st Sep 2023, $4.99


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About The Game

Experience a time-manipulation action game with unconventional controls.

- Move limbs using the touchscreen.
Limbs are linked to touch control and can be moved as desired.
Jump by moving the feet downward! Float gracefully through the air and punch enemies by moving the hands.

- Two control methods
When playing alone, you use the touchscreen; when playing with others, you tilt the Joy-Con™ to control the limbs.

- Bullet Time
While the limbs are not moving, time almost stops.
Stop time, avoid enemy attacks coolly, and strike with precision.

- Cooperative gameplay like a Three-Legged Race
The game supports co-op play.
Instead of each player controlling a single puppet, each player manipulates a single hand or leg, working together to control the puppet.
Communication with your friends is the key to success.