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Action, Arcade, Shooter
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  • 16th Mar 2018, $14.99
  • 16th Mar 2018, £12.99
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Tesla vs Lovecraft Screenshot
Tesla vs Lovecraft Screenshot
Tesla vs Lovecraft Screenshot
Tesla vs Lovecraft Screenshot
Tesla vs Lovecraft Screenshot


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About The Game

Play as the enigmatic inventor Nikola Tesla! Use devastating weapons to mow down hordes of nightmarish monsters, collect mighty power-ups to boost the carnage, and finally overwhelm your enemies with the immense firepower of the Tesla-Mech battle robot!

On the eve of Nikola Tesla's greatest invention, his laboratory is burned down by the inhuman minions of the horror author H. P. Lovecraft. A showdown of epic proportions begins! Chase the monsters, annihilate massive amounts of eldritch abominations, and overcome the madness of the old gods with science and hi-tech weaponry!

  • Use the Quantum Teleport to zip out of harm's way and travel through solid objects
  • Activate the Tesla-Mech battle robot to rip apart even the most hideous abominations
  • Attack with shotguns, energy weapons, and scientific marvels such as the X-Ray Blade
  • Fight through story mode with boss fights and compete in survival mode online leaderboards*
  • Blast monsters together in local co-op for 2-4 players**