Super Clown Lost Diamonds

Super Clown Lost Diamonds (Switch eShop)


Switch eShop
Nerd Games
Tero Lunkka, Valkeala Software


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User Ratings: 2

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Number of Players
Single Player
Adventure, Platformer
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Switch eShop

  • US 2nd Apr 2022, $14.50
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About The Game

Super clown's mission is to find red magic diamonds at every level. The game consists of 25 fun levels with different themes like space, snow, medieval etc.See the Evil flying golem and his army, which consists of enemies like: immortal skeletons, shooting cannons, virus slimes, wombats and evil blue dragons, everyone of those is protecting the red diamonds. Super Clown needs to use his jumping skills to defeat enemies. Some enemies, like cannons and Big boss Golem, fire blue energy balls. Kill Golem enemies by jumping onto their heads.In some areas the player needs to kill the Evil Flying Golem to unlock Red Magic diamond's place.