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Action, Arcade, Racing, Sports
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  • 15th Jul 2022
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About The Game

With flowy level design and addictive gameplay - every inch of trail will keep you on the edge and keep you coming back for more!

A total remake of “Shred! 1” remade with love, from the ground up.

“Flowy” level design based around the “pump” mechanic makes for a fun, addictive and authentic MTB gameplay experience

Over 30 gnarly trails inspired by real world locations, video segments and MTB culture!

A Zero BS experience...Shred! Remastered’s “pickup and play” appeal is ideal for a quick adrenalin fix!

Bike geeks can nerd out over the references to MTB culture and licensed in-game products from Orange, Halo, Gusset and TSG.

“Get your Shred on” to the awesome soundtrack