Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • US 20th Jun 2024
  • EU 20th Jun 2024


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About The Game

Rusted Moss is a twin-stick shooter Metroidvania where you sling around the map with your grapple, blasting your way through witches and rusted machine monstrosities alike. This wasteland once harboring mankind has since fallen, and Fae long forgotten now knock on humanity's door...

The console version of the game coming next year will include the major content update for PC and all other updates released to date.

What you can expect from the major update:

  • 2 new areas to explore
  • 7-8 hours of additional content
  • 300+ new rooms
  • Boss Rush Mode
  • Maya Mode (Play through the game as Maya after you beat it the first time. Speedrun mode rules apply so there are no new dialogue or endings, but you'll be introduced to sone new nifty ways to play.