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Action, Racing, Simulation, Sports
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  • 6th Aug 2021, $11.99
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About The Game

Join your personal Driving Tutor at the Race Track today! Follow his advice to earn your license and get promoted to the Race Team as a Test Driver! Take control of 16 High Performance Cars and complete various Tests of Driving Skills and Advanced Car Control to earn your Racing License. FEATURES: Sit alongside your Virtual Driving Instructor Learn how to handle High Performance Cars Complete 64 Driving Tests to earn your new Racing License Racing Lines, Apexes, Braking Points and Drift Control Lessons Get behind the wheel of 16 Awesome Track Tuned Cars Featuring Realistic Racing Circuit with Multiple Layouts FOLLOW YOUR INSTRUCTOR Enter various Driving Test events such as Slaloms, Braking Tests, Racing Lines & Apex Tuition, Drifting and Donuts! Learn the “Art of Race Driving’ through advice from the Virtual Tutor and put it all together on the Race Track to earn Medals and unlock faster cars! Can you beat the Tutor on the road?! REALISTIC RACE TRACK Ultra HD Graphics and High-Resolution Track Modeling, including realistic corner curbs, pit garages and surfaces with varying grip levels. Learn and Master various different layouts of the main Race Circuit in increasingly powerful cars! CAR COLLECTOR Featuring 16 Awesome Cars including Rear Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive. Jump into Off-Road and Rally cars for a different driving experience including some mixed surface rally-cross stages with epic rally cars!