Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 11th Aug 2022
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About The Game

Have fun in this bundle with lots of action and cuteness mixed in! Pets in Action brings 4 different games giving you the possibility to choose your favorite animal to play with! Want to choose a Warrior Dog or a Marksman Cat? In this collection you will find everything!


It's up to Bones, a retired dog samurai from the Special Forces, to fight against the robot menace alone. You will face several robot leaders in an action-packed platformer throughout the city, fighting in urban sewers, military facilities, factories and even in sky-high structures.


In the all levels made by hand, Milli will face a lot of obstacles that will make her pass, like a classic action-adventure platform game. Jump, slide, dash and be aware of the physics that can change the gravity of your jumps!

Rift Adventure

A 2D platformer of action and adventure and RPG elements with retro pixel art style in a fantasy medieval universe where all characters are animalized. The protagonist is an adventurer who seeks treasure and excitement, but sees his best friend and adventure partner being possessed and kidnapped by a powerful and evil being from the underworld.

Dininho Adventure

Explore this colorful and dangerous world, rescuing all helpless babies. But be careful, "He" will be waiting for you at the end of each road. Go and be the hero of Dinolândia.