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Puzzle, Strategy
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  • US 1st Jul 2021, $5.99
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About The Game

Life has a long way to go, how much courage does it need to accumulate to make a choice for leading to the future? Walking from dawn to night, from passing through the valley to looking up to the starry sky, "There are two roads in a forest, and I chose the one with fewer people's traces, which has determined the paths of my life." When I look back to the wrong road I had been walked, I don't need to care about my mistakes. This is my choice. divided into five chapters,which respectively include dawn, dusk, night, starry sky and the valley. Each chapter corresponds to the runes in different functions-forest, lights, sleepness, gravity and the scales. Dawn,ordinary path, placed the passing through; Dusk,realities and the illusions, triggering the switching; Night,the bondage of the bubbles, breaking up the movement; Starry sky,Up and down or left and right, the gravity changes; The valley,the weight from the environment, make it sink or float from left to right. Players need to use runes with different functions to collect the crystals that represent the courage and create a way lead to the future. Moreover, the players who want to show their amazing creativity can design the level belonging to themselves, upload it to the creative space and embarrass others (or make them laughs)! As long as the designed level can finally lead to the destination, you will have the naming rights of the check point which will let all players see your work!