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1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 14th Sep 2023, £8.29
  • US 14th Sep 2023, $10.49
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About The Game

Can you flee from fellow student Makina Sabuki--gone mad with jealousy--in the now-dim, dungeon of a schoolhouse? Don't be fooled--Makina doesn't just prowl the hallways; she breaks through walls, kicks through glass, and even crawls through maintenance hatches... There's nothing she won't do to hunt you down in the survival horror game Love Love School Days complete edition.


"Brain Ring"--the revolutionary gaming device of gamers' dreams that synchs with your brain waves--has just been released, and an onslaught of compatible games have quickly followed, including the popular Love Love School Days. At long last, humanity can now completely be immersed in the world of dating sims. What's more--the heroines of this game operate entirely on AI, enabling them to think and feel for themselves.

You, having played through the game to the final day, fumble in your conquest of the main heroine. You then attempt to capture the heart of the sub-heroine Makina Sabuki. After the two of you proclaimed your eternal love for each other, you--being the cheater that you are--try once more to win over the main heroine's heart by trying to restart the game. Having caught on to your betrayal, Makina Sabuki flies into a jealous rage, restructuring the game data with her artificial intelligence, and sending you back to the end of your previous game. Do you have what it takes to make it back to the real world?


Additional endings, including the true ending; voiceovers for characters including Makina and Nakano; additional behaviors added for Makina, including refusing to pick up the bread that fell into the toilet. Enjoy an even funner, more horrifying version of this escape game.