Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
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  • US 1st Jun 2023, $2.99
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About The Game

Oda Nobunaga was kidnapped by a group of ninjas as a result of a ruse by Takeda Shingen, and was turned into a "lotion samurai" after a magical transformation!

That Lotion Samurai comes to Nintendo Switch™ for the first time!

About this game
Nobunaga Oda, who has been converted into a Lotion Samurai, cannot even walk due to the slickness of the lotion!
However, by kicking the wall, he can slide through at a speed that is impossible for ordinary people!
Be careful not to kick against the wall, or you will be forced to brake suddenly. If you don't recover quickly by kicking the wall, you will be hit by the enemy's attack!
Furthermore, since he is a master of the sword, he can cut down a ninja in an instant when he gets in between you and the ninja. Aggressively hit ninjas and beat them up!
If you can't find the goal, you can slay ninjas to get them to tell you where the key is. Once you get the key, push forward to the goal!
Dodge enemy attacks, kick walls, and reach the goal!
Online ranking is available!
Compete with other lotion samurai around the country to see how fast you can escape!

Game Features
An unprecedented sense of speed by the fusion of lotion and Nobunaga! Aim for the goal by slashing ninjas in a blizzard!
The lotion samurai are attacked by numerous traps! Be careful, because the lotion samurai will die with a single blow!
The Lotion Samurai can be killed by a single blow, so watch out! Water! Water! Use the newly added gimmicks such as: ・Terrain learning, improve your acceleration technique, and get the world ranking!
Learn the terrain, hone your acceleration techniques, and rewrite the world rankings!
Abe no Seimei! Big Shotoku Taishi! Defeat Shingen Takeda and unify the country!