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  • US 15th Sep 2022, $8.99


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About The Game

Apparently there was nothing special at the Whiskey last night this time. This time it is for real. Welcome to the Wild West where the rules have changed.

Gunslingers & Zombies is an action-packed and adventurous strategy game that comically combines two themes beloved by pop culture: the Wild West and the Undead. Become one of the gunslingers fighting zombies. Plan your combat tactics and put them into practice in turn-based battles. Explore the crazy world of the Wild West, shown with a pinch of salt, where nothing is normal. Take on the weirdest types of zombies you've seen so far, such as the mighty Buffalo Zombie! Give zombies a taste of your pistols, shotguns, rifles or knives. Let them regret the day they… yyy… the day they became undead!