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eastasiasoft, Sidral


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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformer
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Switch eShop

  • US 9th Feb 2022, $6.99
  • EU 9th Feb 2022, £6.29
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About The Game

The Pogovon Empire has invaded Cocodu planet and captured the cocos! In their search for an unlimited source of power amongst species from across the galaxy, the Pogovons learned about the unlimited happiness of the cocos. Now they’ve devised evil plans to extract that happiness to power their deadly weapons. El Gancho is set in the same universe as Task Force Kampas, but this time there's no help around. Play as a coco that finds an experimental laser-hook and swing your way through cosmic platforming stages in retro pixel art style! Search for your friends and destroy those imperial super weapons! The faster you move, the longer your trail becomes, and your trail can be used to wipe out enemies! Every run is randomly generated and unique, giving you a world of reasons to keep coming back and pushing your skills further. Features: • Jump and swing with your laser-hook across randomized platforming stages! • Save your friends and unlock 10 playable cocos with unique skills. • Defeat 6 big boss types by finding switches to deactivate them! • Choose from more than 15 upgrades to aid in your survival. • Test your skills in Challenge Mode featuring handmade levels. • Enjoy an infinite and addictive gameplay loop that’s different with each run!