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Action, Adventure, RPG
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  • 4th Aug 2021 (US/Canada), $29.99
  • 4th Aug 2021 (UK/EU/AU)
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About The Game

Defend the most dangerous and gorgeous (we say darngeous) dungeons as four plucky heroes with this unique combo of tower-defense gameplay, ability-based action RPG combat, ever-lasting endgame loot, couch co-op, and online multiplayer.

Experience the front-lines of tower defense with friends and fellow defenders — fighting off ferocious hordes in a stunning 3D fantasy world.

Four unique heroes, a satisfying RPG leveling system, and an ever-addictive endgame with procedurally generated loot — DD:A celebrates the creativity and collaboration that can only come from four friends trapped in a dungeon against endless waves of orcs with dynamite.