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  • EU 9th Jun 2022, £19.99
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About The Game

The Chase is on!

The Ultimate TV Quiz Show game is here! With Bradley Walsh and all SIX Chasers to take on, in the official game of the hit ITV game show.

Answer general knowledge questions to build up cash before you face one of the country's finest quiz brains, The Chaser. Can you outrun The Chaser and get your money back to the prize fund? And can you take on The Chaser in the ultimate test of quick-thinking brain power - The Final Chase.

This isn't just a quiz, it's also a race where you must avoid being caught by The Chaser! How will you fare against the super six?

• The Menace

• The Vixen

• The Beast

• The Governess

• The Dark Destroyer

• The Sinnerman

You face a tough challenge, with each Chaser accurately modelled on the statistics from their actual performances on the TV show.