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  • 22nd Jul 2022, $11.99
  • 22nd Jul 2022, £10.49


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About The Game

Animal Rivals: Up In The Air is a racing game with ridiculous graphics. The game will let you dive into racing courses set in the air. Invite your friends and get together into the addictive quadratic animals world!


Over 100 parts available to customize your airplane. Every part has it`s own statistics, but no worries, you can fly with your gorgeous plane and turn off stats.


9 cute animals to play with. Every one of them has its own unique weapon to use on a race track.


Get your best friend and show him who is the boss. You can play up to 2 players on one device!


The game consists of 5 game modes:

Standard race – be the very first to the finish line!

Demolition mode – fly over an arena to destroy all enemies with available weapons!

Elimination race – the last player on the track is eliminated while a timer ends!

Capture the flag – hold the flag for the most time to win!

Drag racing – show your skills on this short yet challenging courses!


40 different stages which will help you get into the world of those cute animals.