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Action, Adventure, Puzzle
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  • 31st Jan 2019, $7.99
  • 31st Jan 2019, £7.19
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About The Game

You will become an explorer and aim for the utopia 'Agartha' deep in the ground.Cellular automaton reproduces natural phenomena in the underground world ,which is the same physical law as the real world.

Water flows, rocks pile up and collapse, The steam condense into water by coldness., and when the temperature falls further, it turns into ice.

Plants grow in soil, magma warms the circumference and oil ignites.

Gunner, Esper, Wizard and Ninja, even to Farmer.

Break through every nature by making free use of abundant adventurers.

What can you find at the utopia 'Agartha' ... ....?

I hope you to check it with your own eyes.