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  • News 'The 8-Bit Big Band' Wins Grammy For Kirby Arrangement

    Meta Knight's Revenge scores big

    The 64th Annual Grammy Awards took place in Las Vegas last night and it was a big one for Kirby fans (we honestly never thought we'd say such words). The 8-Bit Big Band, which boasts 194K subscribers on YouTube, has won the 'Best Arrangement, Instrumental, Or A Capella' category for its beautiful take on 'Meta...






  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel #89 - Chrono Trigger

    Trigger warning

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, our increasingly erratically scheduled series of retro box art polls where we all decide the best regional variants from two or more territories. Last time we looked at F-Zero: GP Legend for the GBA. Europe and North America ultimately duked it out for the silver medal (with Europe having to settle for...







  • News Classic Game Music Gets a Jazzy Twist in New Game+ Album

    From OverClocked Records and jazz fusion band Materia

    Retro games are continually celebrated in different ways around the web, giving classic material a new lease of life. Plenty of talented fans do this through music, and a new album brings a classy twist to iconic tracks. New Game+ is a collaboration between OverClocked Records and 'jazz...


  • News Square Enix Graphic Designer Manabu Daishama Passes Away at Age 45

    Best known for his work on Chrono Trigger

    Ask any RPG fan to name their top 5 favorite games in the genre, and Chrono Trigger is likely to show up somewhere on the list. The development staff was a dream team of talent, most notably with the creators of Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest all collaborating to create one of the most...




  • Video This Is What An All-3D Version Of Chrono Trigger Could Look Like

    Fan-made in Unreal Engine 4

    Chrono Trigger is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, but aside from DS and smartphone re-releases, Square Enix has been curiously reluctant to leverage the popularity of the game. The prospect of a totally remastered edition of the time-travelling fantasy epic will have most fans drooling with anticipation, and...

  • Video Learn a Little More About Chrono Trigger

    Courtesy of Did You Know Gaming?

    When any conversation turns to the 16-bit era and classic RPGs, Chrono Trigger naturally gets mentioned. It's a stone-cold classic, undoubtedly, and turned 20 years old this year. As a fondly regarded SNES title - which also had a DS release - it's now been given the treatment by Did You Know Gaming?, the YouTube...




  • Book Review Boss Fight Books - Chrono Trigger

    There's more than one way to revisit the past

    It's difficult to write about video games. Believe us, we know. The medium is, strictly speaking, a compound one. Whereas writing about works of art in most media entails a relatively straightforward discussion of how well or poorly the work in question used the tools available to that medium, writing...



  • News The Chrono Trigger Symphony: Volume 1 Arrives on 22nd August

    Blake Robinson's Synthetic Orchestra returns

    You may be quite familiar with the name Blake Robinson by now, especially if you're a fan of video game music. Using software and tools that he's meticulously developed, Robinson produces orchestrations of iconic video game soundtracks that, arguably, take the source music to another level. He's produced...


  • News Richie Branson Celebrates Chrono Trigger Anniversary With a New Rap

    Three free tracks, album on the way

    Last summer we directed you to a music track from rapper Richie Branson, called Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, which combined rap with enough game references to satisfy almost anyone. He's now returning with a new album that's focused on SNES classic Chrono Trigger, and to celebrate the 18th Anniversary since its...


  • News 47,096 Perler Beads Made This Awesome Chrono Trigger Artwork

    A labour of love

    When you love a video game very much there are a number of ways in which you can express that adoration to the world. One is to simply tell anyone that will listen, while another is to create a fan-site or something similar which communicates why it's such a fantastic game. However, this imgur user decided that he wanted to do...




  • News Chrono Trigger is Coming to Virtual Console in Japan

    Will the Western world follow?

    It's one of the most requested games for Virtual Console: Square's Super NES classic Chrono Trigger, but its chances of coming to the Wii's download services in North America and Europe just got a bit of a boost as the game is coming to Japanese Virtual Console next month. In its native country the game would retail...




  • Talking Point Are Rereleases Killing the Retro Market?

    We sink our teeth into plummeting retro prices

    MTV Multiplayer recently published an article detailing the decline in value of sought-after videogame classics after their rerelease on download platforms such as Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade. While it chronicles mainly high- profile games such as Marvel vs. Capcom 2; it’s the Nintendo...