Also Known As
Rear Sekai
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Switch eShop

  • EU 16th Aug 2024, £35.99
  • US 16th Aug 2024, $39.99
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About The Game

Welcome to Elrentaros, a hinterland town far from the Melvanian capital.

Visiting on a journey, you mingle with the colorful locals

and embark on a quest to find ways to help them.

But your adventure takes a sudden turn when a strange light surrounds you and you wake in a different realm.

Could this be the real universe?

Unravel the secret of the two worlds!

Choose your protagonist, male or female,

and forge deep connections with the people of Elrentaros as you make conversation, listen to their troubles, and come to their aid.

There are ten ""partner characters"" to form bonds with.

Giving gifts to partners can deepen your friendships and unlock battle ""alliances"" in return.

Grow closer, and they might even invite you home for dinner or visit your tent to talk.

When you gain weapons and armor through alliances and dungeon raids, you can combine them into arsenal ""builds"" to tackle the dungeons as they grow ever more formidable!

Cleared dungeons can be faced again at higher ""challenge levels"" to snag better gear.

Tougher dungeons offer higher-spec weapons and armor, so keep taking them on to find your ultimate build!

Unravel the mysteries of your travels between realms and save Elrentaros from a terrible fate with the help of your new friends!