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  • Random Warm Up For Metroid Dread With The Official Series Adventure Book

    Play like it's 1989

    Make your own adventure books were all the rage once upon a time, at least that's how this scribe remembers the late '80s and early '90s. With nothing but descriptive text, maybe a small number of illustrations, a dice and a good imagination, you would embark on journeys around the world, try to win the league as manager of a...














  • News Fan-Made Prequel Metroid: Rogue Dawn Released On NES

    Set before Metroid Zero Mission

    Time and time again fans surprise us with projects born out of their love for Nintendo franchises despite the obvious legal issues. One franchise in particular that seems to generate substantial fervor is Samus Aran's very own backyard, the Metroid series. As years go by without a new mainline entry in this revered...



  • News Metroid Composer Shares Personal Note About the 30th Anniversary

    Also, a cool Metroid montage track

    The Metroid series has always been known for crafting an effective atmosphere, there's just no other game that manages to capture that same sense of creepy isolation. Environment design plays a large role in this, but the soundtrack also contributes in no small way. Considering that we just passed the 30th...

  • Video Learn Some Handy Metroid Glitches

    Skip those pesky boss fights

    Glitches remain an important part of games for enthusiasts and speed runners, with unintended gaps in code or system limitations allowing those with the know-how to do strange things. Sometimes you can skip entire areas, defeat an enemy easily, or just make something look cool. There's a mix of techniques in the latest...








  • Weirdness There's a Metroid in my Spelunky

    A cross-over too good to be true

    Spelunky with a dash of Metroid — it sounds just as bizarre, yet as appetising, as pea and ham soup. That’s why this weird match-up has now been made a reality by mod maker, joey4track. To publicise his unique creation exclusive to the PC version of the game, he passed the modification onto YouTube personality...


  • News Former Nintendo Composer Dedicates Retro Remixes to Hiroshi Yamauchi

    Super Mario Land and Metroid both given special new tracks

    Earlier this week former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away at 85 years of age. He'd led the company from 1949 to 2002, overseeing a revolution as Nintendo became the world's leading video game console manufacturer. By leading Nintendo to such success in the industry,...




  • Feature What Happened to Metroid 64?

    Samus got lost

    As a week of Metroid Anniversary celebrations draws to a close, we thought we’d look back at a Metroid game that never was. We’re not talking about Metroid Dread, which could still happen, but Metroid 64, which will obviously never see the light of day. We’ve made the title up, but in light of the trend of adding ‘64’ after...

  • Feature Samus Aran, Gaming's Leading Lady

    We take a look at the famous female bounty hunter

    Historically, just about every form of media has seen itself dominated by men, and gaming is as guilty as the rest. You could chalk it up to the playing population remaining largely scant of females for reasons too complex and debatable to delve into here, but that's only half the story. The...


  • Features NES Characters, Then and Now: Part One

    See how some of your favourite characters have evolved over the past 25 years

    The Nintendo Entertainment System was a system that stimulated the imaginations of designers and gamers alike. Whether it was the smiling, dream-like wonderland of the Mushroom Kingdom, the sprawling fantasy world of Hyrule or the atmospheric depths of planet Zebes, the...


  • Features Things We Miss About the 8-Bit Era

    It's the little things that count

    Today, the virtual reality experience of the Wii is as immersive as Lawnmower Man director/writer Brett Leonard ever could have hoped, with Mario as real and in-person as an actual member of our family and special effects so vivid that we compulsively hold our breath during underwater levels. Okay, maybe things...

  • Features Staff NES Stories

    Learn our shocking pasts

    To continue our celebration of 25 years of NES, the staff's gathered around the campfire to share their favourite memories of that little dream machine. Not everyone could make it to the party, unfortunately, but we're sure that those who couldn't had good reason to stay home. Join us now as we lay bare our souls to you and...


  • News Catch a Live Stream of Symphonic Legends This Thursday Evening

    Orchestral arrangements of classic Nintendo games

    If you've not got any plans this Thursday night, then be sure to tune into a live stream of Symphonic Legends' orchestral renditions of classic video games. Produced by Thomas Boecker with Jonne Valtonen taking lead composer duties, the WDR Radio Orchestra will be performing at the Cologne...


  • News Gunpei Yokoi Gets The Legacy Treatment

    The father of handheld gaming gets remembered in a hands-on tribute

    Gunpei Yokoi pretty much created the handheld gaming market. His line of Game & Watch systems eventually paved the way for Nintendo's full-fledged portable gaming system, the Game Boy, also created by Yokoi. Before making video games though, he created a slew of toys that helped...

  • News Samus Narrates a Trip Down Metroid Memory Lane

    Get your plot details in order before the next adventure

    Well, now that Nintendo has gone ahead and hired a voice actor for the traditionally silent Metroid: Other M star Samus Aran, we suppose it makes sense that they want to make the most of her talents. What better than to let the now-verbose heroine narrate a retrospective of her adventures with...