Also Known As
ACA Neogeo Metal Slug
Number of Players
Release Date

Neo Geo

  • US 1996

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 26th May 2008, 900 points
  • EU 9th May 2008, 900 points
  • JP 22nd Apr 2008, 900 points

Switch eShop

  • US 30th Mar 2017, $7.99
  • EU 30th Mar 2017, £6.29
Controller Support


  • Review Metal Slug (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

    The original Super Vehicle

    Of all the titles released during the Neo Geo's surprisingly long lifespan, Metal Slug arguably stands out as one of the most famous and beloved. Released in 1996 - a time when the traditional run-and-gun arcade shooter was on the wane - this debut release dazzled with its superb visuals, excellent animation and tight...

  • Review Metal Slug (Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

    Overthrow General Morden and win back the stolen weapon!

    This game might be a bit redundant - seven of the games in the Metal Slug series were already released on the Wii in collective form as Metal Slug Anthology. However, none of the games on that disc allow for classic controller use, so if you desperately want to use it, then you have no choice...

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Metal Slug News

About The Game

Released in 1996 by SNK, Metal Slug is a side-scrolling military-action game.

Players control Marco and Tarma, both members of the special-ops force Team Peregrine Falcon (commonly known as Team PF), and battle their way through stage after stage of intense action. The goal is to try to overthrow General Morden and win back the stolen weapon, the Metal Slug.

Players must blast through waves of enemies and machines (while also jumping over any obstacles in the way) to advance through the stages. It's not as hopeless as it might sound, though - weapons such as heavy machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and flamethrowers, as well as the Metal Slug itself (which appears frequently in the game), will make the battle easier. Take on General Morden with a friend to lighten your load and ramp up the excitement even more.