The King of Fighters '94 Reviews

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review The King of Fighters '94

    Retro royalty

    Hamster is doing a great job of populating the Nintendo Switch eShop with classic Neo Geo titles but the order of release is a little puzzling. Metal Slug 3 has arrived before the original, and King of Fighters '98 was available at launch, only for King of Fighters '94 to arrive slightly later. Given the refinements that occurred...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review The King of Fighters '94

    Fatal Fury x Art of Fighting.

    Although SNK's Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown franchises placed the company on the map as far as 2D fighting games were concerned, it wasn't until the release of the first King of Fighters game SNK could go toe-to-toe with Capcom's Street Fighter – and win. For the uninitiated, KOF involves picking a team of three...