Number of Players
Release Date

Neo Geo

  • US 1994

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 28th Jul 2008, 900 points
  • EU 11th Jul 2008, 900 points
  • JP 17th Jun 2008, 900 points

Switch eShop

  • US 11th Jan 2018, $7.99
  • EU 11th Jan 2018, £6.29
Controller Support


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    Like before, but a bit better

    After bringing the first Art Of Fighting game to Switch, HAMSTER made the typically HAMSTER move of skipping ahead to Art Of Fighting 3: The Path Of The Warrior. That instalment offered a different, but more accomplished fighting experience and now the gap between those two is plugged with Art Of Fighting 2 which...

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    Garcia is back

    The original Art of Fighting may not have threatened Street Fighter II in terms of gameplay but it certainly turned a few heads and stole some of the trade away from Capcom’s seminal 2D fighter. This second game takes the core concept of the first title and gently refines several aspects to create a far more enjoyable (but sadly...

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Art Of Fighting 2 Screenshot
Art Of Fighting 2 Screenshot
Art Of Fighting 2 Screenshot
Art Of Fighting 2 Screenshot
Art Of Fighting 2 Screenshot
Art Of Fighting 2 Screenshot

Art Of Fighting 2 News

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    Next week we're having a double retro delight on the Switch eShop courtesy of Hamster: an SNK trilogy finally completed and Nichibutsu's debut on the platform. The first, Art Of Fighting 2 arrived in 1994 bringing many improvements on the original AOF, including an extended single-player roster, featuring Takuma (aka Mister...

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    First up is Taito’s arcade classic Chase HQ, represented here by the TG-16/PC Engine conversion. Sadly, this isn’t a brilliant port of the coin-op original and even hardcore...

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    If you were expecting five games spanning a variety of systems today you're unfortunately out of luck. Nintendo has decided to instead give us only two games (Basically meaning we waited two weeks to get just two games), and they're both on the Neo Geo. Just like 2 and 4 weeks ago, there's no new WiiWare games.

    Ninja Commando, not to be confused...

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    Neo Geo support hasn’t been brilliant on the Virtual Console up to now but fans of the machine will be pleased to hear that three more titles have been earmarked for release. Predictably they’re all fighting games; as we know full well the Neo-Geo certainly had its fair share of those.

    Burning Fight is your typical Final Fight clone, with three...

About The Game

Art of Fighting 2 sees 12 characters compete for the title in the toughest fighting contest of them all: King of Fighters. Each character has a range of deadly techniques in his or her arsenal, and players must use these lethal techniques to fight their opponents. As in the original Art of Fighting, however, using a deadly technique lowers a character’s mental-energy gauge. For this reason, players must use these techniques carefully. Meanwhile, players can taunt an opponent to exhaust his or her mental energy, and even suppress their opponent’s techniques if successful.

This type of mental-energy offense and defense gives Art of Fighting 2 a uniquely enjoyable spin on the fighting-game genre. Further adding to the strategy required to win, an attack will become stronger or weaker depending on exactly when the button is pressed. And even if a player is thrown, defensive action is possible with the timely press of a button. All of this adds up to an intense and nail-biting fighting-game experience not found anywhere else.