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Paper Mario


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User Ratings: 1,184

Our Review: 9/10

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  • Poll What's The Best Paper Mario Game?

    Papers please

    With the recent release of Paper Mario: The Origami King, the Paper Mario series now stands at a sizeable six entries. It all began with the original Paper Mario on Nintendo 64, before moving onto the GameCube with the celebrated Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. That was followed by Super Paper Mario on Wii before the series took...



  • News Lovely Fan Animation Shows Star Fox In The Style Of Paper Mario

    Paper Star Fox? Yes please

    With Paper Mario: The Origami King being revealed for Switch earlier this month, love for the series has once again started to unfold across all corners of the internet. Some take that passion further than others, and amazing videos like this are often the result. YouTube user JorgeMV has shared a video showing the world...





  • Nintendo Download 21st May (Europe)

    Swords & Soldiers II, yarn Kirby, Paper Mario, Curve Digital sale and more

    It's time for another Monday morning to be brightened up by upcoming download delights, and this week's European Nintendo Download Update has some promising choices. On the Wii U we have an exclusive from Ronimo Games, a soft and cuddly Good-Feel game and a classic N64 title,...

  • Nintendo Life Weekly 1st May 2015

    Your weekly gullet-full

    We all have busy lives, and often it can be very difficult to keep up with everything that's happened in the world of Nintendo without totally sacrificing our social lives. Introducing Nintendo Life Weekly, a new series of videos that aim to condense all the news, releases, and reviews of the previous week. The video has...






  • News Nintendo Unfolds Paper Mario Visual History

    It's so pretty

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star is days away in Europe and has been available in North America for a few weeks, and represents the first venture of the flat Mario onto a handheld. It's the fourth entry of a series over a decade old, meanwhile, games with enough RPG elements and dialogue to require a bit more development time than a...


  • Feature The Spooky Denizens of the World of Nintendo

    We run down the scariest of scaries the Big N has cooked up

    We here at Nintendo Life love Halloween. Despite the fact it was originally a time when the dead were believed to cause sickness to the living and damage their crops, but nowadays it's just a good excuse to gorge ourselves on delicious, delicious candy. As part of our All Hallows’ Eve...