Harvest Moon 2

Harvest Moon 2 (GBC)


Game Boy Color


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User Ratings: 17

Our Review: 5/10


Also Known As
Bokujo Monogatari 2 GB (Japan)
Number of Players
Single Player
Release Date

Game Boy Color

  • 6th Aug 1999
  • 7th Nov 2000
  • 30th Mar 2001

3DS eShop

  • 16th Oct 2014, $4.99
Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon 2 Screenshot
Harvest Moon 2 Screenshot
Harvest Moon 2 Screenshot
Harvest Moon 2 Screenshot
Harvest Moon 2 Screenshot


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    Crop ‘til you drop

    Clearly a testament to the popularity of the genre, the 3DS as a platform has been flooded with life simulation games. Ranging from the cutesy and calm world of Animal Crossing: New Leaf to the adventurous Fantasy Life, the surplus of games has spanned a plethora of sub genres, but they all come down to one thing: allowing their...

About The Game

Roll up those sleeves! It's time to harvest!

The honorable mayor of your local town has given you a farm at an unbelievable price—for FREE! But there's a catch. You must restore the farm to its former glory within a certain amount of time, or he will reclaim the property and turn it into a theme park!

Choose between playing as a boy or a girl farmer, and then grab your gloves and dig into a list of chores. Clear the land so you can plant and harvest crops. Raise happy cows, chickens, and sheep so that they can provide resources to sell and start you on the path to riches! Build new structures on your land, and watch your farm grow into an investment! Prove to the mayor that you have what it takes!