Also Known As
Space Channel 5
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)


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Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack News

  • News Sega Announces Space Channel 5 And Comix Zone Movies

    Sonic was just the beginning

    Sega has had so much success with the Sonic the Hedgehog movies that it has already locked in the third one and confirmed a separate television series starring Knuckles. If this wasn't enough, it's now officially confirmed there'll be Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone adaptations. "SEGA is partnering with @picturestart to...


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About The Game

Hey there, Space Cats! Some pesky little aliens called Morolians are trying to take over Earth, and they're forcing the population to dance endlessly!

Space Channel 5, the planet's news channel, has sent the grooviest reporter they have, Ulala, out to cover the latest happenings, but those little Morolians also have to be taught a lesson! So it's now up to Ulala to dance and groove with the aliens to beat them at their own game and free the population of Earth! Get dancin', Space Cats, 'cuz we're gonna give those aliens a little taste of their own groove!