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  • Feature Fun and Frights on Nintendo - Part 1

    How horror has evolved

    At this time of year, it’s no doubt common practice for many gamers to find their favourite scary game, turn off the lights and get into the Halloween mood. There’s something about frightful gaming experiences that's unique in the entertainment industry. Unlike horror movies or tense, nerve-wracking books, video game fear...

  • Feature Resident Evil's Most Nightmare-Inducing Moments

    Playing from behind the sofa

    The Resident Evil franchise has forged a reputation for inducing fear in the bravest of gamers. While the series has flirted with a more action-orientated focus, it's the survival-horror aspects that often stay in the memory. Features Editor Thomas Whitehead and writers/Resident Evil experts Zach Kaplan and Marcel van...




  • News Resident Evil 4 Gets Yellow Penciled

    Capcom survival horror Resident Evil 4 wins a coveted "Yellow Pencil" design award from The D&AD Global Awards 2006

    Capcom love Nintendo when they get it right, and hate them when they don't. The much talked about "exclusive rights" for Resident Evil for Gamecube wasn't all bad, in fact it resulted in an excellent Resident Evil 4 game that was loved by the public. Hurrah. It seems the industry has..


  • News Resident Evil B4

    Joystiq uncover a pre-release Resident Evil 4 video showing us what it could of been.

    Joystiq bring us something we should never of seen, a video demo of Resident Evil 4 before its vast overhaul into the game we know and love. The video runs for a number of minutes and moves between a handful of different scenes of a would-be Resident Evil mansion-type scenario. You can see that the original camera..

  • News The Players Choice: Resident Evil 4

    Capcom produce another winner, now you'll be able to buy it in the budget range.

    Capcom have recently announced that its horror epic, Resident Evil 4, has been awarded inclusion into the silvery Players Choice range of classic titles. It comes as no real surprise, Resident Evil 4 was hugely successful on the Gamecube and now on the PS2. It's original release came just over a year ago, the re-boxed..