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  • JP 19th Dec 2002
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    "Dig a Chance!"

    If Namco had a corporate mascot that wasn't Pac-Man it would almost certainly be Mr. Driller. The retro arcade game from the end of the last century has spawned a franchise seeing seven games released with a version of some form on nearly every console made in the past decade. Its popularity is not only down to the simple, yet...

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Mr. Driller Drill Land Screenshot
Mr. Driller Drill Land Screenshot
Mr. Driller Drill Land Screenshot
Mr. Driller Drill Land Screenshot

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About The Game

Like other games in the Mr. Driller series, Mr. Driller: Drill Land is a puzzle game.

The objective of the game is to drill through square blocks in order to reach the bottom of a stage. Blocks have different colors: drilling a block of a certain color will also break all adjacent blocks with the same color. This can cause blocks above to fall down and crush your driller. Combined with slowly decreasing oxygen, this calls for strategic actions.

This Mr. Driller game is slightly different from other games in the series because it consists of 5 different drilling games. These games are being presented as rides in a theme park, called Drill land.

  • Drill Land World Tour: The classic 'Mr. Driller' mode. Players need to drill their way to the end while avoiding collapsing blocks and maintaining oxygen. Brown blocks are harder to destroy and cause the player to lose some oxygen. Every 100m section is themed after a different country, thus this 'ride' resembles It's a small world. This is the only mode which allows players to choose their own character.
  • The Hole of Druaga: A Puzzle RPG mode. The player starts with 100Hp and drilling a block costs 1Hp. Players need to search for a key to open a door in order to progress. A map is available to track whereabouts of items and the player. Throughout the game crystals (called Drystals) can be found in order to help the player. This mode is themed after a medieval castle, like the Namco game Tower of Druaga and played by Anna Hottenmeyer, dressed as a knight.
  • Horror Night House: This mode combines Mr. Driller with ghost hunting. Players need to collect Holy water and inject this into stones with ghosts. Once injected, these ghosts will change to crystals when the stones are broken. In order to progress to the next level (floor), sufficient crystals need to be collected, as indicated in the lower corner of the screen. This mode is themed after a haunted mansion and is being played by Ataru Hori, dressed as a Vampire.
  • Drindy Adventure: A more classic mode. Themed to Indiana Jones, players descend through the caverns while collecting golden statues and escaping from traps like rolling boulders and spikes. This mode is played with Taizo Hori, dressed as Indiana Jones.
  • Star Driller: This mode takes place in a space setting. ? blocks contain special effects that may either help or hurt the player. Star blocks disappear after a few seconds, causing other blocks to potentially fall down and crush the player.