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  • Random What If The Resident Evil 8 Bosses Were Pokémon's Elite Four?

    Step aside, Lance. There's a new Dragon Trainer in town

    Resident Evil Village, the eighth main title in the classic horror-survival series, is an absolute gem. Unfortunately, it's not currently on Nintendo platforms... but we can imagine that it is, thanks to the excellent artistic work of ΛΛoth, AKA @LatterBug on Twitter. The pitch of "Resident...

  • News "Pokémon Redrawn" Is A Pixel Art Project That's Redesigning Johto And Kanto

    Gotta re-draw them all

    Everyone loves a Pokémon remake, but what if those remakes kept the aesthetic of the original games? That's the idea behind Pokémon Redrawn, a collection of over 100 artists who are redesigning the maps from Pokémon Red and Blue, and Gold and Silver. Fuchsia City, and Cerulean City So far, they've completed the entirety...

  • Random Someone Hire This Man To Do Pokémon TCG Art

    Step aside, Smeargle

    Trading card art is underrated. The variety of card art, even today, is astounding — and though the ones you remember most from the Pokémon TCG are probably the Fat Pikachu, the holographic Charizard, and Professor Oak standing in front of a concret


  • Would You Rather Eat A Pikachu, Or An Eevee?

    Sit down at our table for the most unethical meal you'll ever eat

    Welcome to "Would You Rather", where we ask you to choose from two (or more) equally awesome/horrible things, and find out if you're in the majority or the minority. Of course, you can always argue your case in the comments. Bienvenue, hungry diners, and welcome to the Nintendo Life...





  • Soapbox Here's How I'd Fix The Pokémon Series

    Alex decides to pika-part the mainline games

    Soapbox features enable our individual writers to voice their own opinions on hot topics, opinions that may not necessarily be the voice of the site. In this piece, senior video editor Alex Olney explains how he would "fix" the Pokémon series... Pokémon is a series that has always been extremely dear...


  • News Red And Green Voted Most Popular Pokémon Games In Japanese Poll

    But which are your favourites?

    Throughout June, Japanese site Goo Ranking held a poll to see which Pokémon games would be voted as the most popular. It might not come as much of a surprise, but the original Pokémon Red and Green - released as Pokémon Red and Blue in the west - have come out on top. You can see the top ten results below. It's...






  • Feature How Switch Brings Back Game Boy Multiplayer Memories

    A link (cable) to the past

    Quite apart from the huge number of great games coming to the system every week, one result of Switch’s success that we’ve really enjoyed is how it has brought back a focus on local multiplayer gaming not seen since the N64 days. Online is still king, of course, but we’d argue there’s nothing quite like the rush of...


  • Music Treat Your Ears To These Pokémon Red And Blue Metal Remixes

    Brock 'n roll

    If you grew up with Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy, you'll likely remember the games' incredible soundtrack almost as much - if not more - than the games themselves. From epic trainer battle anthems to that wonderful Bicycle Theme, there are plenty of cracking tunes to choose from when creating a tribute album. We lovingly...


  • News Pre-Orders Are Now Live For The Squirtle Funko Pop Figure

    Completing the set

    The latest Pokémon to receive the Funko Pop treatment is the adorable Water-type starter, Squirtle. It may well have had its cute glowing eyes replaced with the traditional Funko black beads of doom, but we're sure collectors will be itching to add this one to their set. Pre-orders for the figure are now live on Amazon US - you...

  • Feature The Legacy Of Nintendo 64's Transfer Pak

    Marrying console and handheld hardware long before Switch

    Following the 16-bit glories of the Super Nintendo, its successor often gets short shrift from gamers these days. Of course, it’s adored by Nintendo fans of a certain age who doubled down on it during the PlayStation generation, but it’s a wilfully ‘odd’ system and arguably tough to...








  • Feature How One Magazine Told The World About Pokémon

    "This felt like real magic"

    Paul Davies is a game design consultant, editorial manager and writer who has been working in the UK games industry since the early '90s. During his career, he has edited best-selling publications such as Nintendo Magazine System and Computer & Video Games, and has contributed to countless other sites and magazines...