Also Known As
Rockman World 4 (Japan)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Game Boy

  • JP 29th Oct 1993
  • US 1st Dec 1993
  • EU 1st Dec 1993

3DS eShop

  • US 15th May 2014, $2.99
  • JP 23rd Oct 2013, ¥400
  • EU 21st Aug 2014, £3.59
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  • Review Mega Man IV (3DS eShop / GB)

    Great things in small packages

    With one exception, which is also making its way to the 3DS Virtual Console, all of the Game Boy Mega Man games take two of the NES titles and rework them a bit. Some old faces in new places, so to speak. A sprinkling of unique bosses and weapons help to carve out identities for these portable experiences but, by and...

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Mega Man IV Screenshot
Mega Man IV Screenshot
Mega Man IV Screenshot
Mega Man IV Screenshot

Mega Man IV News

About The Game

Will Dr. Wily's mind-control machine be Mega Man's downfall?

The city has gathered to attend the World Robot Exposition when it is suddenly disrupted by a flying saucer, which houses none other than the deranged Dr. Wily. With the push of a button on his mind-controlling device, Dr. Wily sets all of the robots in the vicinity to attack and destroy! The only robot not under his control is Mega Man, and you bet that he'll be going after Dr. Wily for this latest offense. Joining Mega Man are Rush and Beat, and together they will battle fortresses of laser turrets, waves of armed androids, and fiendish Robot Masters. Blast your way through while adding new weapons to your inventory, and face-off with Dr. Wily once more!