Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Game Boy

  • US 31st Jul 1989
  • EU 28th Sep 1990
  • JP 21st Apr 1989

3DS eShop

  • US 6th Jun 2011, $2.99
  • EU 7th Jun 2011, £2.70
  • JP 3rd Aug 2011, ¥300

Nintendo Switch Online (Subscription)

  • 15th May 2024


  • Review Alleyway (3DS eShop / GB)

    The poor man's Arkanoid

    The most well-known block-breaking game, Arkanoid, became quite popular after its release in arcades in 1986. Many companies have created clones, and even to this day new low-budget ones show up all the time. Even Nintendo tried their hand at a clone with Alleyway for the Game Boy. Alleyway keeps things to the bare basics. No...

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Alleyway Screenshot
Alleyway Screenshot
Alleyway Screenshot
Alleyway Screenshot

Alleyway News

About The Game

Interstellar bounce-back action with a deadly energy ball!
Your spaceship is at the gate of the Alleyway™.

As Mario™, you will need to use your vessel to deflect the energy ball towards oncoming space grids. Hitting the grids will either weaken or destroy them, and you'll need to keep returning shots until the entire field is cleared!

As you progress through each level, you will confront new challenges of alternating stages, bonus rounds, and more. Speed and agile reflexes will quickly become your strongest allies as you reach to beat the top score!

You're in command in the Alleyway!