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  • 8th Nov 2012, 500 points
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    Empty house

    It’s no easy task setting out to create a game that is wholesome and fun while maintaining an educational aspect. Unfortunately for Smart Girl’s Playhouse Mini, fun seems to have jumped ship, and all you’re left with is a too-sweet edutainment title with very little actual gameplay on offer. Touted as a collection of mini-games...

About The Game

The award-winning Smart Girl’s Playhouse series is back!

This time on Smart Girl’s Playhouse™ Mini, little gamers will be delighted by the all-new graphics and games rebuilt from the ground up! Choose from 6 fun games and activities such as Drawing, Find Differences, Dress-Up and more! These wholesome games will bring out your child’s talents and keep them occupied for hours. This title aims to give children and parents a great alternative to into the world of video games without inappropriate content.


  • An assortment of mini-games specifically made for girls.
  • Wholesome mini-games that bring out the little one's talents.
  • Great entry point for a young gamer.