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  • First Impressions Legends of Exidia

    We get to grips with Gameloft's miniature epic

    Earlier this week Nintendo Life was cordially invited to Gameloft's London office for a hands-on of their latest adventure for DSiWare, Legends of Exidia, which has now been released in the European shop. Gameloft is developing something of a reputation as the most ambitious developers in the download...

  • Nintendo Download 29th January 2010 (Europe)

    One single Virtual Console game in three weeks. Again.

    But don't feel let down again, because it's actually quite a solid week this time. With DSiWare still being almost completely taken up by Electroplankton rereleases, there's only one real "new" game for each service, but all of them are (or seem to be) good picks. Possibly to tie in...