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  • US 21st Feb 2011, 200 points


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    Slow-motion sickness

    When it comes to the G.G Series, the plan is simple: choose a particular genre of gaming and produce an entertaining playing experience using not only a simplified musical and visual theme, but also a very basic set of play controls. So far that formula has worked well enough, but now this idea has been incorporated into the...

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G.G Series: Drift Circuit Screenshot

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About The Game

Use your drifting technique to gracefully slide past the competition.

Steering around corners lowers your speed, so it's all about choosing the best course line and being able to use your drifting skills with precision. At the start of each three-lap race, conditions for winning will be displayed. After that, it's up to you and your speed-demon prowess to drift through the Grand Prix and steal first place.

Choose between EASY, NORMAL and HARD difficulty levels – perfect for beginners and advanced racers alike.