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  • US 23rd Aug 2010, 200 points


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    A board game that won't make you a bored gamer

    Handheld editions of classic board games are typically not anticipated with much excitement, in part because there's a certain coldness about playing them against a computer. Not all are completely contingent upon human interaction, but beating a faceless opponent is distinctly less satisfying than...

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This reversi game is for all players at any level.

Absolute Reversi takes the classic strategy game and updates it for the 21st century with three modes of play. Free Play mode lets you select one of eight characters with different abilities to play against. In Challenge mode, you are given missions to complete to advance in the game. With the third mode, you can play against a friend using DS Download Play. Additional features include a strategy guide, different ability levels and the "Assistance" function, which highlights all possible moves per turn.