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  • US 9th Aug 2010, 200 points


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    Absolutely Chess, but with annoying extras

    It’s hard to imagine that there’s a wrong was to make a video game based on a board game that has been around for thousands of years, but Tasuke manages to find some ways to mess with the classic formula. While Absolute Chess is simply a video game in which you play chess, it also contains with a few...

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This easy-to-understand chess game explains everything from basic rules to aggressive strategies.

There are two modes of play. In Free Play, you can play against a number of preset characters, ranging from a young kid to a grouchy old man. The Challenge mode gives players multiple levels and missions to complete. Player support features include a function to indicate possible moves for the player and the opponent, as well as the ability to undo your previous move. You can also enjoy matches with friends via DS Download Play.