Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain? News


  • Poll Box Art Brawl #83 - Brain Age / Brain Training

    Hype brain

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, our regular box art-based poll to find the best regional variants from two or more territories. Last time we took a 20th anniversary look at HAL Laboratory's GBC game, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. With Europe out of the running thanks to the game never launching in that region, it was left to North America and...






  • Nintendo Download 25th June (Europe)

    Yoshi! Kirby! Art Academy! Samurai Warriors! More!

    It's the start of a normal week in the world of the big N, so naturally it kicks off with the Nintendo Download Update details in Europe. This week brings three promising and relatively high profile retail releases, two diverse offerings on the Wii U eShop along with some retro goodies, some...




  • News BBC Study Suggests Brain Training Games are Ineffective

    Grey (doesn't) matter

    Have you been playing Brain Training (known as Brain Age in the U.S.) or its sequel on your way to work, feeling good about yourself as you utilise your DS for something useful? Have you outsmarted your friends recently and thought, "there's that grey matter at work!"? According to a study recently published by the...


  • News Dr Kawashima "Turned Down Brain Training Royalties"

    And he doesn't feel stupid about it, amazingly

    His name adorns one of the best selling games of 2007, but Dr Ryuta Kawashima hasn’t seen a single penny of profits. Nintendo’s Brain Training range has sold millions worldwide and bagged the resurgent company healthy profits, but the Doctor who came up with the ideas on which Brain Training is...


  • News Boffins Brand Nicole Kidman A Dirty Liar

    Claims that Brain Training can boost intelligence may not be true after all - well, duh

    You might have seen Nintendo's Brain Training adverts, in which well-known celebrities like Patrick Stewart and Nicole Kidman gleefully promote the software like it’s a one-stop miracle solution to being a bumbling thickie. "I have quickly found that...


  • News Europe Loves Brain Training

    It's already sold bucketloads of copies in Japan, American and the UK - now our European friends are warming to Dr. Kawashima's unqiue brand of mental fitness.

    Nintendo's amazing success story continues with the news that its Brain Training series has topped sales charts in two key European territories. Nintendo's DS Brain Training games have...


  • News DS Top Platform In 2006

    Figures from UK game-research outlet Chart Track have shown the DS to be the number one choice of gaming hardware in 2006 - beating stiff competition from the likes of the Playstation 2 and XBOX 360.

    According to Chart Track a total of 2 million consumers in the UK are now kitted out with a Nintendo DS unit. This really has been a mammoth month so...


  • News Europeans Get Their Brains In Gear

    Brain Training is a smash hit success over in Japan, and the rest of the world too it seems.

    This is according the figures that show Brain Training; How Old Is Your Brain has sold 500,000 copies in 9 weeks. Sales of the game actually rise with each passing week, a trend few other games have ever followed. Add this to the phenomenal reception of the...


  • News Brain Age Official Site

    Nintendo launch the mini dedicated to the upcoming Brain Age (aka Brain Training) for Nintendo DS

    Forgotten about this already? Don't worry, Nintendo have reminded us all that this summer will be about Brain Training. They've launched a mini-site dedicated to the Brain Age title set to launch in the US imminently. They've gone for the oh so original...


  • News European Brain Training Begins In May

    Nintendo reveal that unique Nintendo DS title Brain Age: How Old Is Your Brain? will release 19th May.

    Today Nintendo brains have announced the release of this Brain game in Europe, once again a few months later than its American version. Exercising, eating healthily and maintaining a good work/life balance are all essential to help keep fit and...

  • News Exercise Your Brain

    Nintendo tell us about International Brain Awareness Week and how they're going to help us all.

    Nintendo tells us International Brain Awareness Week begins March 13th and apparently everyone is looking for the best way to exercise their brains. You could be forgiven for thinking your brain is already in good shape, in fact the amount of twists and...


  • News Nintendo Wants Your Brain

    Is your brain actually any good? Apparently Nintendo will help you find out with its latest craze.

    The Japanese often bring us strange and wacky game ideas, but since the introduction of the Nintendo DS things just continue to get even weirder. First we had the cute Nintendogs, then the inspiring Electroplankton, now Nintendo want to control our...